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The Hellum Easterplay 

Saturday 16 april 2022, 20.00 Church of Garmerwolde, Dorpsweg 69, Garmerwolde NL
Tickets: Musica Antiqua Nova

Sunday 17 april 2022, 15.30 Walfriduskerk, Hoofdweg 33, Hellum NL 
Tickets: Stichting Super Librum

This small 12th-century Easter play tells us how the three Marys walk to the tomb early in the morning after the Sabbath, wondering who will roll away the tombstone. Arriving at the grave, the grave appears to have already been opened, and the dead disappeared; in a short dialogue the angels tell them that Christ has risen.The 'Hellumse Easter play' has been narrated in a unique 12th-century missal that was once used in the St. Walfridus church of Hellum in Groningen.

Womenschola: Nancy MayerMarian van der HeideSofia PedroAlice BoccafogliMariela Anazco

Jankees Braaksma plays the medieval organ made by Winold van der Putten, after iconographic research of the picture in the Rutland Psalter from 1260, British Library MS add. 62925.

Tomas Flegr plays the medieval carillon interpreted after descriptions of Theophilus (12th c.) by Simon Laudy

Stagedirector: Ben Smit


The Hellum Easter play

Movie from the performance april 2017 



CD Hellum Easter play