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Due to continued interest, a third edition of 'Klinkende Klei' (Sounding Clay) has now been published. With the ambiguous title 'Klinkende Klei', certainly for the province of Groningen, the authors Everhard Huizinga and Jankees Braaksma describe the music from the area between Lauwers and Eems. Christianization was accompanied by the building of monasteries and churches and the building of organs, of which Groningen has many.

A rich culture arose in this area in the Middle Ages. Songs and instrumental pieces from the books that have been handed down from that time and from manuscripts of Groningers who went abroad (Rudolf Agricola, 1443-1485) are included on the accompanying CD, performed by the ensemble Super Librum.

Some works on the CD Sounding Clay

*Rudolph Agricola’s 'Vrucht En Moet Ic' from the Segovia Codex
* 'Surrexit Christus Hodie' - 16th c. 3-part Eastersong

Book and CD together form a beautiful whole and provide a wonderful picture of the unexpectedly rich medieval music culture in the 'far north' of the Netherlands. The third edition of Klinkende Klei can be ordered via our website, and via Bol.com 

Interview by Hinke Hamer (TROUW) with Jankees Braaksma: